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The Executive Board of Governors of UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) and the European Continental University of (ECU) came about in the year of January 2014 to elect a new Chairman of the Trustees for UK-CCL and ECU to take forward these two institutions to the third millennium. Unanimously, the Executive Board Governors of the two institutions elected Joel Thomas for this significant position to lead them into exciting new era. His first action came about with the notion of Entrepreneurship Knowledge Award of Masters and Doctorates to Senior, Executive Management Employees and Small and Medium size Business Individuals.

UK-CCL and ECU came about in giving this highest responsibility to Joel Thomas on a Honourary basis as he is employed with multinational International Company as a young Management Executive. Joel is one of the highly experienced professional individual for the innovative and outside box thinking two Knowledge Awarding Institutions known to be UK-CCL and ECU whose commitment is to embrace the 21st century business economy. Joel comes with a Bachelor of Laws and a vast knowledge of the English Legal System. His degree also gave exposure to the business world, which culminated in him receiving a Joint Honours Degree in Law with Business. Through this degree, Joel has been able to familiarise himself with the core elements of the complex Legal System. Areas such as Contract, Equity, Land and Criminal were all studied in great depth. With his vast experiences he was elected in to UK Chartered Management Institute with Associate Membership

In addition to this, Joel has also had the opportunity to build a repertoire of skills through various professional experience. In 2003, Joel had an internship at the Global headquarters of Marks & Spencer plc. There Joel engaged in projects that shaped managerial decisions and had the opportunity to visit the University of Cardiff along with the Product Quality Standards Manager to conduct research that would influence the introduction of new technology into the garments that the company manufactured. In 2009, Joel took up the opportunity and took up a 12-month industrial placement at Toyota’s UK headquarters. Joel took up the role of a Business Analyst and reported straight to the Manager of the Technical Support Division. This role provided Joel with the platform to put into practice a long-standing principal of Toyota’s, ‘Kaizen’. That is the notion of continuous improvement and this was the backbone of Joel’s time at Toyota. He implemented a myriad of new systems that benefitted and made the division more efficient.

Through his dedication and commitment to his role, Joel was asked to join a newly formed team within the After Sales Division and was approached directly by the General Manager. Joel’s achievement within his short time at Toyota was recognised by the awarding of the Licentiateship by the UK City and Guilds Institute. This was in recognition to the skills that were gained and demonstrated in his time at Toyota. The Japanese principal of ‘Kaizen’ will be the main focus of our new Chairman of Trustees as he looks to continuously improve upon the processes currently in place. This will be done through opening new avenues with strategic partnerships with higher learning institutions and also providing a wide range of membership benefits such as applications for the latest handheld devices and a new look membership area on the website. All in all, this new appointment seems to indicate that the future is looking very bright for the UK-CCL and ECU.

As young Entrepreneur, himself, as the Head of Board of Trustees his motivation is to support every hand on busy working individual to earn a worthwhile certification for the Professional Knowledge what they have gained by their dedicated Lifelong Learning at work place.

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