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Proud to be Known and Accepted to be as Follows

ECU’s vision and objective was evolved from UK-CCL. Therefore, UK-CCL are the main Trustees of ECU. This has permitted the Governing Board of ECU to empower UK-CCL Board of Governors to interconnect in all legal and financial matters. This has permitted ECU to have their International Administrative Office in Great Britain withUK-CCL.

  •  ECU Facilitates Non Academic Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications!

  •  Welcome to Professional Knowledge University of Third Millennium,

  •  No-one other than ECU, awards Hands on Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications!

  •  ECU is not a Virtual but Occupational University offering Hands on Work related Knowledge Qualifications!

  •  ECU Qualification has to be Earned Rather Awarded!

  •  ECU awards has the approval of Employersbut not necessarily Ministry of Higher Education, as ECU offer Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial awards!

  •  ECU’s Qualifications are Non Traditional but has extraordinaryProfessional Status in the Business and Employment Circle!

  •  ECU Qualification is supported by UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) , who are known to be implementers of Professional Quality Management       Standards (PQMS 5001:2005), which is equivalent to ISO 9001:2008!

  •  ECU awards are reinforced with UK Professional Body Eminent Memberships to ascertain the superiority of the Qualifications!

  •  ECU Qualification does earn further recognition from a number of US awarding institutions.

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