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International Entrepreneurial Golden Excellence (IEGE)
Entrepreneurial Diamond of Asia (EDA)
Entrepreneurial Diamond of Middle East (EDME)



The Executive Board of Governing Council have grasped that, being the beacon for Professional Knowledge Quality Qualifications for Non-Academic Work Orientated Individuals Internationally, they feel that it would be wise to bestow a special and recognisable certification of endorsement for every Middle and Senior Management Individual to be known as a Successful Entrepreneur in their own right based on their work experience and performance are entitled to a special recognition. This is considered for any individual who has more than twelve years of Executive Managerial Exposure. It is a special and highly valuablerecognition, known as International Entrepreneurial Golden Excellence (IEGE) and any individual who has more than Six Years of Managerial Exposure can be known as Entrepreneurial Diamond of Asia (EDA) or Entrepreneurial Diamond of Middle East (EDME).These are special awards can be bestowed upon any individuals who does meet the required entry requirements. This specific and individuality certification does improve the morality of the person and elevate to the next level of professionalism. This level is known and accepted as Professional Knowledge Excellence Business Entrepreneur. This is another unique recognition and endorsement conferred by Knowledge University ECU who are known to give prominence for Lifelong Learning individual to be known as an Entrepreneurs under the flagship as a unique Supremacy of Court of Arms. This is conferred to individuals who could demonstrate their unique eligibility and worthiness for this highly reputable recognition for the third millennium business world.

This highest accolade of Entrepreneurial Professional Knowledge Award is designed for any individual who has the appropriate work experience and either their employer, an institution or organisation must propose and recommend the individual. It is not an academic honour to a person but it is a recognition bestowed on a person’s contribution as an employee or who has devoutly enhanced the business environment or society’s wellbeing. This award is a recognition conferred upon the chosen individual after careful research and assessment carried out in asserting the worthiness of the candidate of this unique award from ECU. This exceptional recognition would help forge the individual a better fellowship amongst international Academicians, Professionals and Business Entrepreneurs.

The experts of ECU, along with UK-Commission for Consistent Learning, always focus on professional knowledge quality, institutional integrity and administrative responsibility. In an age where specialisation and flexibility are essential, it is also taken into account when considering bestowing any recognition to an individual’s intellectual contribution to the business society. Therefore, there is a need for Professional Entrepreneurial Knowledge Qualifications, which will help business enhancement and highlight working professionals for their responsibility and bringing to light the comprehensive lifelong learning process. The rapid political, social and economic changes across the world have brought forward awareness of the increased demands for the reform of traditional education systems to meet the challenges of the next century of work experience. Thus improving the access to more cost-effective quality Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Award.

This Certification Competence is a special recognition is conferred upon non-academic matured work experienced individual to enhance, recognition for the tireless contribution throughout the working life to be uplifted to a special acknowledgement. It is a legitimate endorsement because it is awarded by a Reputable and Renowned Knowledge Based University ECU of Delaware, USA. It has a significant meaning, which is true for all rights-of-passage. In effect, a society or organization has stamped its approval for a new life to begin with this specific International Entrepreneurial Golden Excellence (IEGE) or Entrepreneurial Diamond of Asia (EDA) or Entrepreneurial Diamond of Middle East (EDME).

This is an appreciation Certification boost the non-academic individuals to a professional image. This type of acknowledgment gives the privileges and crucial responsibilities to create a better society at this crucial time of our life. This accolade can be seen as a social and professional international recognition of quality, skill and community social work. ECU wanted to be known and accepted by every person a unique conferring awarding institution who bestow special honour which is not something given simply for money but everyone has to earn to obtain this award. It comes from within the individual and is revealed by way of their day to day actions. It radiates from his/her character with his/her every word and deed. Furthermore, this specific highest award of International Entrepreneurial Golden Excellence (IEGE) or Entrepreneurial Diamond of Asia (EDA) or Entrepreneurial Diamond of Middle East (EDME) will permit the individual for Personnel Career Development (PCD) to gain an uplifting gratitude among their fellow business associates or friends and family.

The ECU Founder’s belief is that this special recognition of Professional Hands-on Experience will be the opener as the golden door of freedom for Professional Entrepreneur Knowledge recognition as the new opportunity for non academical success!

The Structure of Assessment

    Submission of a detailed CV Synopsis of professional history and key achievements.

    Certified Photocopies of Educational, Professional and Vocational Certification.

    Certified Photocopies of Recommendation, Gratification and Appreciation letters.

    Three Personal Recommendations Reference Letters confirming the suitability for the ECU’s Professional Knowledge Award.

    One passport size Colour photograph.

    Completed Application Form with Non-RefundableInitial Administration as stipulated.

    Must be available for minimum of three Verbal Viva Consultations.

The assessment and verification is carried out by nominated UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) representatives in their respective local country. The scheme that is executed will be either Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD) or Affirmation for Prior Experience & Learning (APEL). This then will give the applicant to earn the credits and to transfer under Credit Accumulation Transfer Scheme (CATS) for the appropriate ECU Professional Knowledge Award.

The emphasizes of ECU’s founders believe is that, ECU does not award paper qualifications, rather encourages the licensed working individuals to earn their respective Professional Knowledge Qualification Certification form the Professional Entrepreneurial Awarding Institution known to be ECU. The ECU Founders make plea to all licensed working individuals who does not have professional endorsement for their lifelong contribution to the economic world to join hands with the ECU to get themselves recognized by gaining credit worthy Professional Knowledge Qualifications and get onto the professional bandwagon to protrude to the business world of today.

The ECU significance is to generate tomorrow’s Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Leaderswithin the service orientated professions. Due to the Quality Standard maintained by The ExecutiveBoard of Governors and Trustees of ECU has the confidence that, their graduates will create the newatmosphere within the Working Individuals and the Business Society the importance of each ones’responsibilities in their respective field of Profession and Business. This in return will educate with appropriate knowledge of every recipient and the Upliftment of Professional Image to the next level. ECU also believe that, within the working environments will edify the individuals to live responsibly in a diverse and interdependent world of third millennium.

A Note to be considered by everyone!

The Road to Career Success is not straight, but there are many curves to achieve the Goal.
1) A curve called Failure;
2) A loop called Confusion;
3) Speed bumps called Friends;
4) Redlights called Enemies;
5) Caution lights called Family;
6) You will have flats called Jobs.
But if you have the Determination; an engine called Perseverance;Insurance called Confidence and YOU as the driver, you will make it to a place called Success.

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