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Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators
A Knowledge Work Based Academia of Great Britain


The Consortium of Entrepreneurial AdministratesFor Professional Development (CEAPD) is a unique international UK Professional Body registered as a Non Profit Quasi Charity Institution which is the sister institution and brain child of the Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA) which incorporated in UK in the year of September 1981 as a Professional Awarding Institution under Company Act 1948 to 1981 section of SIC (92) with not having a share capital with dedicated company act code of 9112.

The Governors & Council Members have foreseen the necessity for an “Eminent Certified Endorsement” to the candidates who have gained their Traditional Academic nor Non Traditional Professional Knowledge Degree Qualification, who wish to portray their image being accepted to a UK Professional Eminent Certification. This qualification recognition did commence in the year of 2005 by CEA. But in the year of September 2014, the Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA) came about to hand over this unique awarding vision to Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrates For Professional Development (CEAPD) to implement this as a special dedicated awarding conceptThe CEAPD’s Board of Governors have dedicated themselves in developing their main centre of attention in converting their awards on a practical work oriented qualifications and memberships.

To meet the CEA’s expectation, the CEAPD Board Governors/ Trustees have to make numerous changes to their Articles of Memorandum and Constitutions, which were carried out and adopted this concept officially as it is bestowed upon on Licenced Working Individuals, who whole the Knowledge Degree Qualifications. Although this was formed merely for the Professional Degree holders, but it is available for the traditional degree holders, who wishes to enhance their professional image. To this end the degree holders must have minimum of two years’ work experience with their academic qualification when applying for this particular membership.

This Eminent Endorsement of Membership came into effect as the complemented recognition to support the matured licenced working individuals. This recognitionwas unanimously approved by the Board of Governors & Executive Council of CEAPD. This authorization was made possible because of the Memorandum of Article of incorporation of CEAPD 2005, which had the option to consider similar unique certified membership which could be considered and awarded by the CEA.This specific membership is designed to meet the growth of the Third millennium. It gives the privilege for the graduates of any universities in the world in enhancing their professional status with CEAPD accreditation. In another words CEAPD is encouraging all the candidates who have obtained their Professional or Vocational Degree Qualifications from any part of the world to a recognised European Professional Membership.

CEAPD is a unique UK Professional Knowledge Awarding Institution, who are committed in conferring and elevating every non-academic working individual to be known& accepted as a reputable and recognised Working Executive Person and to become a distinguishedEntrepreneurial Administrators.


Bachelor degree holders eligible to designate

Certified Companion of Bachelors (CCB-UK)

Master degree holders eligible to designate

Honoured Compatriot Masters (HCM-UK)

Doctorate degree holder’s eligible to designate

Distinguish Comrade of Doctors (DCD-UK)


ECU’s founders believe is that the accreditation of their qualification must have the approval of Employers and Business Organisations,
as they will be the people that can witness the strength of ECU graduates.

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