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The Founder and First Executive Governor General of European Continental University, State of Delaware, USA is Professor Emeritus Ralph Thomas. He is a Professional Acemadesion in the sector of Hospitality, Business and Accounting. Due to his extra curricula activities, he has been conferred with Freeman of London and England and Wales, Fellow of the Royall Society of Arts, Full Member of Institute of Hospitality, Fellow of Institute of Cost & Executive Accountants, Juror of the Court Baron of the Mayor- City of London, Outstanding Persons, Researchers and Professors of AEI, Belgium, Colonel of the State of Kentucky (USA) and “CALL TO SERVIICE” President of USA. His passion and emphasize is focused upon today’s business community and employers, by bringing to their attention the vital importance Professional Vocational Knowledge Hands on Learning Qualifications.

Since year Two Thousand, business community and employers’ have started to give more prominence for Academic Achievement and Hands on Learning. This specific emphasise had given Non-Academic Work Experience Individuals a block in their Career Progress Development. This lack of recognition and appreciation was noticed by the innovative thinker and doer Ralph Thomas in the year

of 2005 and came forward in utilising his two doctoral assignments and dissertation in forming a legitimate Open Distance Lifelong Work Learning Knowledge University to take care of every matured Non-Academic Licensed Working person by uplifting them to Professional Quality Level by endorsing their entire work experience into a Knowledge Degree Qualifications. This is how European Continental University (ECU) was evolved with the collateral support of 1981 UK Professional Body the Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA), whose Memorandum of Article which permits with formation of Faculties that may seem necessary. Further support was given by 1996 organisation UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) giving strength to their qualification by becoming the assessors and verifiers of all ECU’s Professional Knowledge Awards.

The founder wishes to bring to the notice to every person who is concern on ECU’s creditability that to earn the ECU’s Professional Knowledge Qualifications, every applicant should earn to confer the appropriate award, as it accompanies with Two UK certifications to strengthen and to give creditability which other Non-Academic Universities can offer to their respective applicants. ECU is known to be Work Orientated Open Distance Lifelong Hands on Learning Vocational Knowledge University and not as a Traditional Academic Classroom Learning.

The ECU did meet the legal obligation incorporating as an Open Distance Non-Domiciled Lifelong Hands on Work Learning Knowledge University. This vision, mission and objectives are made known clearly to the public in their dedicated website. At this juncture, Founder of ECU wishes to make it clear to every person concern that, many social media giving false media publication and their own opinion of ECU, as they do not understand the clear concept of ECU and how and why it came forth and their procedure of assessment and verification. Furthermore, ECU wishes to stress that, they are focusing upon matured licensed work experienced individual who does not possess any traditional academic qualifications to further their respective Professional Career Development (PCD) by converting their Hands-on Experience into Professional Vocational Knowledge Qualifications by Credit Accumulation Transfer Scheme (CATS). To implement this notion, the Founder Ralph Thomas came up with the Two Assessment and Verification Scheme known as Affirmation Prior Experience & Learning (APEL) and Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD). This scheme is executed to the International Quality Standards which is known widely as ISO.

In this current date, many hands on matured licensed work experienced individuals who are hunting out for a pathway to achieve recognition to ascertain their eligibility to be known as a professional by way of competence certification to confirm their status from a reputable awarding institution and that is why they come for ECU’s endorsement. This is executed legitimately by ECU’s APEL and ACPD assessment and verification schemes by confirming the ability and capabilities by way of written certification known to be Professional Vocational Knowledge Qualification.

This will elevate every recipient to an International Quality Management Standard, which in return will enrich every recipient of their Personnel Career Development. Without share of a doubt this has been proven by every ECU Graduate up to this date. As the Founder’s firm believe is not the volume, but quality. Holding a traditional academic degree will not be sufficient alone, but it should be accompanied with hands on experience, which will firmly help an individual place in the career ladder. Therefore, ECU’s unique and it should not be ignored. ECU has a proven track record of giving individuals the opportunity to further themselves in their chosen career path by awarding Professional Vocational Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications based on the experience one has gained up until the point of application.

As previously mentioned the ECU Professional Vocational Knowledge Award, has given many opportunities for non-academic individuals to get promoted within their working profession with the full potential. Perhaps the most notable advantage with an ECU Professional Vocational Knowledge Award is the flexibility in which you can achieve your expected goal. The Founder emphasises that ECU award must be earned and not awarded. There are no daily lectures; no weekly assignments and most importantly, it will not take you 3 to 4 years to complete. In fact, assessment of an individual candidate can take a minimum of 3 to 6 months in most cases. The reason for this is because many of the candidates are already licensed working individuals. This is done with minimal disruption to the candidate’s current job and family life. Our key assessment policies allow for the above-mentioned flexibility.

What sets ECU apart from most other institutions is that it has direct link with a UK Professional Bodies. They offer a unique Eminent Certified Membership exclusively to all ECU graduates, which is an added strength to the ECU graduate which can be used when either securing employment or gaining promotion in the workplace. As the ECU candidates are assessed and verified by the UK Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL), they can be confident that their hard work is evaluated to the highest standards, as the UK-CCL hold the ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management for assessing, examining and verifying. Due to this, UK-CCL also offers Equivalency Certifications to confirm that the standard of assessment conforms to the European Professional Educational standard. So, all in all, if your career matters to you, then ECU should matter to you, as ECU offers an unparalleled recognition in the form of a Professional Vocational Knowledge Degrees Professional Eminent Memberships with Equivalency Certification. The main aim and objective of ECU is to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit from within each candidate and boost their professional status. In other words, the experience of life will put you in better position than perhaps being taught about life. ECU’s awards can be summarised and be known as internationally renowned intellectual Vocational Knowledge certifications confirm the wisdom and everyone needs for today’s economic growth.


The emphasizes of ECU’s founders believe is that, ECU does not award paper qualifications, rather encourages the licensed working individuals to earn their respective Professional Vocational Knowledge Qualification Certification form the Professional Entrepreneurial Awarding Institution known to be ECU. The ECU Founders make plea to all licensed working individuals who does not have professional endorsement for their lifelong contribution to the economic world to join hands with the ECU to get themselves recognized by gaining credit worthy Professional Vocational Knowledge Qualifications and get onto the professional bandwagon to protrude to the business world of today.

The ECU significance is to generate tomorrow’s Professional Vocational Knowledge Entrepreneurial Leaders within the service orientated professions. Due to the Quality Standard maintained by The Executive Board of Governors and Trustees of ECU in conjunction with UK-Commission for Consistent Learning with their Professional Quality Standard delivery. This will give the confidence within the working Atmosphere and Business Society the importance of each one’s Professional Recognitions in their respective field of Employment or Business. This in return will elevate respective individuals with the appropriate Vocational Knowledge Qualification and the Upliftment of Professional Image to go forward to the next level of Career Development. ECU also believe that, within the working environments will edify the individuals to live responsibly in a diverse and interdependent world of third millennium.

The Founder to confirm of his vision of acceptance internationally, he wishes to give the information of Jim Rohn, who is a renowned Author, Acemadesion, Publisher which proudly circulated internationally who confirms that Traditional Education will help you to make a living, but Lifelong Hands on Learning will give you a fortune. Please find bellow for the confirmation.

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