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The European Continental University (ECU) are Investors dedicated to facilitating and promoting the Licensed Work Experienced Individuals with acceptable Professional Knowledge Degree Qualifications. It is not a USA or UK Traditional Red Brick University Qualification, but it is an International Non-Profit Private Knowledge University committed to elevate every working individual who can demonstrate of their Knowledge, Experience & Life Learning, which can be converted to an International Professional Knowledge Degree Qualification.

ECU’s vision evolved from the Corporation of Executives and Administration (CEA) is a 1981 UK Incorporated Professional Body, which constitution permits to create as many faculties it may deem necessary. This vision came to reality by the birth of the ECU. This has permitted the Governing Board of ECU to come with a firm conclusion to establish its International Administrative Office in the United Kingdom.To enhance this collaboration further and to strengthen quality standard of the qualification, ECU Board of Governors has given the full authority to the UK-Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) who plays a vital role as the Independent Assessing & Verification Intuition for all the ECU awards. UK-CCL has the endorsement of ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management Standards.

ECU Professional Knowledge Degree Qualifications are accepted by most International Business Organisations, Professional Institutions and Employers. The ECU Degree is a uniquely enhanced Work Oriented Professional Knowledge University Qualification. ECU’s qualifications are based on Oral Examinations in order to confirm the ability and eligibility of an individual candidate for the said qualification.ECU offers its own American Knowledge Professional Degree awards in conjunction to the incorporation and licensing stipulation of the State of Delaware of United States of America under the Convention de La Haye du 5 October 1961 by the Secretary of State of Delaware with the registration number 02254641 and Authentication number 3914155 dated 05-31-05.ECU is a fully-owned subsidiary of its UK Parent Professional Body, the Corporation of Executives & Administrators (CEA), the world’s leading provider of UK Professional Awards and Memberships.ECU Board of Governors wishes to state here that ECU’s Professional Knowledge Qualifications awarded with the authorisation of the Secretary of State of Delaware, as it incorporated as aprofessional knowledge university with its own power to award its own Professional Knowledge and Work Oriented Professional Degree Qualification pertaining to their Memorandum of Article of incorporation.

The European Continental University of Delaware, USA (ECU) is a unique TRICO endorsed Professional Knowledge Degree Qualification. ECU’s main focus on elevating the working matured person, who have not got the professional status by following the traditional route direct class room academic degree qualifications. Every country has minimum of one third of the working population who does not possess the academic achievement qualifications, but to the contrary those population has very good and high level hands on work experience and knowledge to go with them. There only ECU comes to elevate them by endorsing their expertise to a Professional Knowledge Qualification.ECU’s Degree award is award by USA Delaware Governmental registered Non Profit Corporation and it is assessed and verified by UK- Commission for Consistent Learning (UK-CCL) and Certified by the UK Professional Body the Consortium of Entrepreneurial Administrators for Professional Development (CEAPD) which is the sister institution of Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA).



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